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If you have a lot of traffic in Cisco Webex it is easy to miss that
someone added you to a Space.
Solution: The New Space Member notifier.



What does it do?

When someone adds you to a space, the "New Space Member" bot will send you a direct (1:1) message to
let you know that person ABC added you to space XYZ.
1:1 messages are way easier to identify + you see who added you to a space.





When you click login on the top of this page, you are redirected to Cisco Webex to login. After logging in and accepting the scope (see privacy below) this application creates a Webhook to get notified whenever someone adds you to a Webex space.

After login you see a page showing the status of your "notify new membership" bot.

You can enable or disable it by clicking the button.

      This is what they look like:

  • ENABLED: this application gets notified when someone adds you to a Webex space. The "New Space Member" bot will then send a message with the details.
  • DISABLED: this application does not get any notifications. (webhook will be removed)




What can this application access?
First of all, this application will never have access to your content (messages or files)

  • spark:rooms_read - to read the space NAME
  • spark:teams_read - to read the team NAME (if part of a team)
  • spark:people_read - to read the name of the person who added you to a Space
  • spark:memberships_read - only needed in order to create the Webhook on behalf of you. The webhook notifies this application of new memberships being created.




Q: I did not get a notification?

A: Did you enable the tool? Note that the tool will NOT notify you of new 1:1 and Spaces that you created/joined yourself!

Q: Can I talk to the Bot?

A: Sure you can.. It will NOT even read your message text + return a help message.

Q: Can it notify me of winning lottery tickets?

A: No.

Q: Does it notify me of new 1:1 conversations?

A: No. These already appear in the (much more) visible 1:1 section of your Webex client.

Q: What data do you store?

A: I only store your oAuth token, refresh token and your Cisco Webex user ID.

Q: I have a feature request!

A: Send a message to me and I will evaluate the request and get back to you.

Q: I don't want this info to be on your server!

A: Login, open this help section and scroll to the bottom for a 'remove me from this system' link.




  • any other thoughts/ideas?