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January 19th 2018: The forms list table now shows a "QR Code" link for each form you created. Click to see a QR code that can be used elsewhere. Example:

Short URL TIP!

Instead of sharing the unique URL that this tool generates, create a short-URL that points to the unique URL. Short URL's are easier to remember and take less space. Plus you could change to short URL to point to a new/different form.
Some services that allow you to create (free) short-urls: Which should I choose? Here's some nice info


This tool was created because I received many requests to create similar functionality.

DETAILS - Join Space Form

DETAILS - Send Message Form


Important to know

  • People are added to the room on your behalf, so YOU have to be a member of that room or else the form will break.
  • Make sure that you select rooms that are _Not_locked_, unless you are a moderator. Otherwise people cannot be added on your behalf.
  • Forms do not expire, remove them if you don't need them anymore
  • Want to show your company logo? Use the "Image URL" to show your company logo
  • Questions? Please use the Feedback form
  • It doesn't work or I cannot see the Webex space in the listbox: this tool will only list #1-Spaces that are unlocked or #2-Spaces that are locked _and_ where you are a moderator.

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