What does it do?
Cisco users: waiting for InfoSec approval: workaround


What does it do?
Cisco users: waiting for InfoSec approval


What does it do?

NEW! Member of New Space notifier
Cisco users: waiting for InfoSec approval

Remove External User Bot


My name is Dirk-Jan Uittenbogaard working at Cisco as a Consulting Systems Engineer. I like to develop Cisco Webex Teams tools (Cisco Spark) tools that help people doing their job. These tools are all in Beta.

Currently I'm working on the following tools
  • Cisco Webex Teams (Cisco Spark) External user removal bot (under construction)
  • Cisco Webex Teams (Cisco Spark) presence analytics (under construction)

Are you a colleague and do you LIKE these tools?
Please feel free to send a connected recognition message!

Waiting for approval

This ONLY applies to users who work for Cisco!
One of the Cisco Webex Teams (Cisco Spark) features is the ability to black-list / white-list integrations. Cisco IT has enabled these for 2 of my applications and I'm currently waiting for the approval.

Until then, the Webex Teams Forms and Webex Teams Spaces tool will not work for Cisco employees, unless you use the workaround described below!
Apologies for the inconvenience. I will notify you when they are fully up & running.

Workaround for Cisco Webex Teams (Spark) Forms Tool

For the Cisco Webex Teams Forms Tool (Cisco Spark) a few users suggested the following workaround: JUST REMEMBER: this new account should be member of the spaces where you want users to be added!